Focus Areas

Growth Opportunities

Online Connect Groups

  • Participation online has engaged many known and new families, with NO geographical boundaries.
  • Build strong and lasting Christian community through establishing live Online Connect Groups:
  • Connect Groups build trust and relationships
  • Connect Groups result in spiritual growth & ministry

Deepening Discipleship

  • Establishing My Spiritual Journey for Growth.
  • Discovering God’s Call for life and future.
  • Understanding My Complete Personality Profile.
  • Assessing My Stress Factors & Managing My Stress.
  • Maximizing My Strengths for Ministry Effectiveness.
  • Training in Sharing My Faith Consistently.

Empowering Leaders

  • Utilizing Ten Transformational Prayer Strategies.
  • Inviting Others To Share In Scripture Stories.
  • Hosting an online "Spiritual Lift" with Leaders.
  • Becoming and Living As a Daily Christian Evangelist.
  • Spiritually Discerning Divine Adventures.
  • Being Guided In Ministry, Led by The Holy Spirit.

Chick-fil-A Owners and Teams

  • Executive Coaching with CFA Owners.
  • Building High-Performance Leadership Teams.
  • Understanding Our Leaders' Greatest Strengths.
  • Hiring & Training Strategies Beyond Guessing.
  • Understanding and Practicing Healthy Conflict.
  • Building a Family Culture of Caring in Our Store.

All of the above Growth Opportunities can be effectively delivered and received using various online strategies and conferencing tools.